Generate an additional revenue stream.

Your business attracts consumers and their attention, why not get paid for it? Make money by hosting advertisements on your screen.

Traditional digital signage & more.

Display makes it simple to show your own pictures and videos. You can also show engaging dynamic content like your business's Live Facebook Likes & Instagram Followers.

Have questions?

We've got answers.

How do I get Display at my business?

You will need to submit a request to join the Display network. Your submission will include verifying your Google My Business account and a few details about your business, for example, the occupancy and square footage. Once approved, we will send you a streaming device free of charge.

Why do I need to provide details about my business to receive a Display device?

By providing the necessary details about your business, we can ensure that advertisers are showcasing their brands at verified locations and at a fair price.

How much will my business make from advertisements?

We will use all the details provided in your submission, along with foot traffic data, to determine a daily advertising rate. The amount of advertising revenue you will make depends on how many advertisers are active in your area and the revenue split in your market.

How exactly does my business get paid from advertisements?

From your online dashboard, you can create and connect a Stripe account. Stripe is one of the safest and most trusted online payment platforms. Advertisement revenue is deposited into your bank account on a weekly basis.

How do I create content for my Display?

Creating your Display is kind of like creating slides in PowerPoint. You can access your Display for editing in your account dashboard.

What about the Facebook Likes, Instagram Followers, and Google Reviews?

Connect your business's Facebook & Google pages from your dashboard. You will then be able to add those items to your Display.